An award for TRACEN!

Reed Gilliland wants to congratulate Marcy Wong Donn Logan for their winning entry to the 2018 Acterra Business Environmental Awards in the category of Environmental Project. The USCG Training Center (TRACEN Petaluma) is designed to be the most environmentally sustainable Coast Guard base in the US.  The project itself, a wastewater treatment facility, is a paragon of environmental acheivement.  The buildings, surrounding landscape, and site restoration are designed to enhance the visual environment for the campus community.  Reed Gilliland's own Larry Reed was the principal in charge on this project while at SWA Group.  

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Re-envisioning Cesar Chavez PlazaIt

Reed Gilliland in partnership with a team from SWA SF have been working with the City of San Jose to re-envision the historic park/plaza at the heart of downtown San Jose.  The plaza has been in place since 1797.  It was renovated by Hargeaves Associates during the 1990's, but with a design that probably facilitated the reinvigorating of the downtown, but which didn't envision, and wasn't designed for, the heavy year round use that the park is getting, especially for special events.  We are also looking at modifying the way that vehicular circulation which affects pedestrian-unfriendly look and feel of the entire downtown, and cuts the park off from its surroundings.  

 Sketch Option 1

Sketch Option 1

National Urban Ecosystem Forum

National Urban Ecosystem Forum

The National Ecosystem Forum, sponsored by the American Architectural Foundation and the Kirkpatrick Foundation in Oklahoma City, was inspiring. The American Architectural Foundation, in partnership with the Kirkpatrick Foundation, brought over 20 thought leaders from 12 different cities across the country to Oklahoma City to share their expertise and discuss holistic and multi-disciplinary strategies to maintain healthy urban ecosystems for all species. Read more at :



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Liza Court joins Reed Gilliland for a summer internship

Reed Gilliland is happy to welcome Liza Court to our staff.  Liza is a third year landscape architecture master student at University of Virginia.  She holds a prior degree in Art from Davidson College.  Liza draws design inspiration from experiences in outdoor leadership and farming.  She started in May, but we can tell already that we will miss her when she goes back to school in August!



Plant Wires in Shenzhen

When I was in China last month I had a chance to look in on my office and hotel project completed in 2015.  The buildings were designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill.  The 30 foot tall "plant wires", designed by my team at SWA in conjunction with, and created by, the amazing team at Mingzhu Nerval (, looked amazing, and did everything I hoped they would for the atrium space they occupy. 

Recent Projects

The Art of Grading

Just one iteration in an ongoing series studying the right fit and look for an accessible nature trail for a project in the Santa Cruz Mts.

Paradise Beach Park

Diagrams like these remind me how fun it was to design the Paradise Beach Park Master Plan, and how much we are looking forward to seeing it built.